Monday, November 26, 2012

A Tip for You

Hi Everybody.

It has been so long since I posted last.  I am so tired of renovating and packing and moving.  But the end is in sight.  Only have the kitchen floor to finish and that will be done this week.  The big stuff will go on the weekend and then I will be in my little house.

Most of my crafting stuff is already moved, but I wanted to do something creative so I thought I would print out some pics of my beautiful new granddaughter to pop inside a clear Christmas ball and make a "Baby's first Christmas" ornament.  Well, guess what.  The picture I printed turned out horrible.  There was no yellow ink left in the cartridge.  I was not sure if it had dried up or was empty.  So I checked the cartridge by setting it on a moist paper towel for a few minutes.  Yep, it was empty.  No yellow at all.

So here is my tip for you...

If you have a tricolor ink cartridge and one of the colors is used up, you can still get use out of the cartridge.
I have a lot of background images saved on my computer.  I went to the background file and found images that were pink or blue and printed them out on light weight, white cs.
Here is a pic of some of the papers that I printed. 

This cost me next to nothing because I have an endless supply of cardstock that I bought a few years ago when the store that I worked for went out of the printing business.  Worked out to less than 1 cent  per sheet.  And I used up the ink that was otherwise useless.  
Even if you had to buy cs at reg prices, you can get a ream of lightweight cs at Walmart or Staples very reasonably.  Or you could use 24lb or 28lb text paper and still get the same results.
I got about 40 sheets of background paper out of the ink that was left in the cartridge.
The pic just shows some of the papers.  I did duplicates of the ones I really liked.  My favorite is the denim and that was hidden in the pic.  I have the retired Stampin Up pocket and use the denim paper for that all the time.

 I just kept printing paper until the image came out grey.  So, now my cartridge is completely empty and I did not waste any of the ink.

Here is one of the pics that I wanted to print.  Isn't she adorable?

That is about it for today.  Once I have moved I hope to have time to post regularly.  I have so many cards that I have made and super tips for all of you.

Happy Day to you all. 

Theresa in Kitimat